I have been busy painting and rebuilding my website this spring while we thaw out. Take a look at the new collections by clicking on the three white bars in the upper right corner.

These little gems on brushed aluminum are just out of the studio. All are 4"x10" and sell for $110 each. Call, text or email me if you're interested in purchasing.

Eto Bittersweet 1
"Eto Bittersweet 1"

Kaj Birches
"Kaj Birches"

Eto Bittersweet 2
"Eto bittersweet 2"

Nij Birches
"Nij Birches"

Eto Bittersweet 3
"Eto Bittersweet 3"

Zaj Birch
"Zaj Birches"

Eto Bittersweet 4
"Eto Bittersweet 4"